'The Condom Fairy,' 'Sextival' promote sexual education in Finch Fieldhouse

"There's nothing wrong with sex," Adrian sophomore Ashlea Phenicie said.

Phenicie has been dressing up and visiting residence halls around Central Michigan University's campus in a tutu, wings and headpiece, all decorated in condoms to promote Thursday's Sextival.

Sextival took place Thursday afternoon in Finch Fieldhouse, where there were games set up to increase education about sex.

Voices for Planned Parenthood has presented the idea of sending around the condom fairy as a way to promote sexual education and safety and to also approach students in an unexpected and exciting manner.

VOX member and Brighton sophomore Dana Frank dressed as a condom fairy for Halloween, and then the idea of Sextival developed.

"I went to parties and handed out condoms to my friends," Frank said. "It was really fun, and I figured VOX could use the costume as a new way to get publicity."

VOX President Rachel McDaniel, an Allegan senior, said she is shocked that most people don't have the correct knowledge about condoms.

"I think people would be surprised to know that stores are allowed to sell expired condoms," McDaniel said. "There's so little that people really know about condoms, and we want to make it fun; who doesn't like something that's fun?"

The condom fairy is intended to present matters like this in a cheerful way that is targeted at getting students engaged in conversation about sexuality.

"Some people slam their doors in my face or don't want to take the condoms, but others get excited," Phenicie said. "It's been a mainly positive thing."

Phenicie said a Twitter account has been made for the condom fairy where she can get tweets and then deliver condoms to students.

Ortonville sophomore Hannah Mollett said learning facts about sex is something that students tend to shy away from.

Mollett said, even if students just jokingly take the condoms, they are still happy to see people taking the steps that are necessary to prevent STIs.

In the past, VOX has simply tried giving out condoms at tables, which Mollett said makes students feel awkward at times.

"Students aren't that comfortable when it comes to topics with sexual education, but it is important," Mollett said.


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