CMU shuts down Delta Chi until 2017

Central Michigan University's chapter of the Delta Chi fraternity received a four-year suspension by the Office of Student Conduct this weekend, effectively halting all of the fraternity's activities for the next four academic years.

The suspension was the result of several university code of conduct violations that occurred at a party held by the fraternity on April 19.

According to Tony Voisin, assistant vice president of Student Affairs, the fraternity was suspended for violating section 3.2.13, which prohibits illegal alcoholic possession, consumption or distribution, among other violations.

"There was a code of conduct investigation done over the summer, and it was determined that the fraternity violated the code," Voisin said. "The university code of conduct is very clear on what is expected of students and RSOs."

Delta Chi was charged earlier this year for the code of conduct violations that occurred in April but wasn't suspended until after losing its appeal.

According the fraternity's adviser and lawyer, Todd Levitt, the suspension is not due to any criminal activity or legal violations.

"The office 'creeps' on all of the frats and sororities, like they are their own investigative police force," Levitt said. "Nothing they are being suspended for went through any legitimate legal authority."

Levitt denounced the suspension, saying it is an insult to the integrity of the university and education, and that if a student gets called in to talk and defend themselves on code of conduct violation, they have little to no rights.

According to the student hearing procedures for charged violation of student conduct regulations, section states that cases must be made by the student. An adviser may be present, but the student must be the one who makes the case.

"If the (Office of Student Activities) wants you gone, you're gone," Levitt said. "We will not let this be swept under the rug. We will have our day in court and expose how rotten the system is."

Levitt said Delta Chi national is supporting the campus chapter's fight against the university.

"I'm unaware of any legal challenges being filed by the fraternity," Voisin said. "The code of conduct is very clear, and the university will enforce it"


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