Dominos internship pays off for CMU student


After working at the Domino's Pizza world headquarters in Ann Arbor over the summer, Brighton junior Mackenzie Frasso decided she loved the company so much she would write an essay about it.

Intern in Michigan

“I looked forward to going to work every day,” Frasso said. “I helped hire employees for marketing positions and for IT positions. Domino's jokes around saying they’re an IT company that sells pizza.”

Frasso said her job duties included looking over resumes with a team of 31 other interns to choose the best candidates for the jobs. She said the internship was like a real job with real responsibilities, unlike her past internships.

“It wasn’t a boss telling you to go make copies or get coffee,” Frasso said. “I was in charge of their recruitment Twitter account. I increased the followers by 25 percent in the 12 weeks I was there.”

The Central Michigan University student found the internship on the Intern in Michigan website. She said she found the posting on their Facebook page and thought she fit the bill.

Lauren Bosler, a member of the leadership and organization team and head of the internship program at Domino's, said Frasso stood out from the beginning.

"(Frasso) was always very eager," Bosler said. "She had a very positive attitude. She was always looking for more opportunities and more work."

When Frasso ended her internship with Domino's, she found a posting on Intern in Michigan’s Twitter page about a contest to describe the best internship in Michigan in 1,000 words or less. She said she thought it was going to be a cakewalk.

“I could have written a million words on how much I loved it,” Frasso said. “I really didn’t think much of it. I wrote it, proofread it and then sent it in. I didn’t expect to win.”

Bosler said the company was proud of Frasso for winning the contest.

"I was really proud," Bosler said. "You develop relationships with these people. She felt she had a great experience. It was nice to see people were recognizing her for her hard work as well."

Frasso found out about winning through Intern in Michigan’s Twitter feed. She said her bosses at Domino's were asking for copies of the essay, but Frasso admitted she had forgotten to save a copy to her hard drive.

“I never complained about going to my job,” Frasso said. “You’d think I was a full-time recruiter. (Dominos’) company culture is great. Everyone is friendly. They all talk to you. The CEO treated us like full-time employees. He knew our names and had lunch with us.”

Frasso said she was happy to have fit in so well at a company and hopes to be back at the Domino's World Headquarters next summer for another internship. She said the friendships and connections she made with fellow interns and employees were more important than anything.

“Not a day goes by that I don’t talk to a Domino’s friend,” Frasso said. “I’m obsessed with the company. I want everyone to have that opportunity. I’ve told all my friends to apply.”

Frasso keeps herself busy with classes as well as other extracurricular activities and another internship with Dow Corning in Midland. She is a member of the Society of Human Resource Management, as well as an avid runner who plans on running in the 2014 Boston Marathon.

“I like to keep myself busy,” Frasso said. “I’d be bored if I didn’t. Fingers crossed I’ll be back at Domino's next summer.”