CMED receives more than 3,000 applications for 104 spots in second class


Central Michigan University's College of Medicine fielded more than 3,000 applications for its second class.

This year's class and every class in the future will be comprised of 104 students. Thus far, 96 spots have been filled. This is an increase from the 2,765 applications for 64 spots last year.

The average grade point average for the accepted students is 3.65, which is the same as the inaugural class of 64 students that started in August. The average Medical College Admission Test score is 30 – two points higher than last year's average and above the national average of 25.2.

Jim Knight, CMED's lead communications official, said each application undergoes a holistic review process, which balances the applicant's qualitative and cognitive capabilities.

"Our team looks at more than just what applicants received in undergrad and what they scored on their MCAT," Knight said. "It’s not just a standard interview – we’re looking for how people think and very specific attributes that will make a successful physician. We’re looking for some different things: How they think, whether they show compassion and altruism, what preparation they have, and whether they're leaders."

While personal characteristics play a major role in determining who is accepted, geographic location helps out, too. Approximately 90 percent of CMED's inaugural class is comprised of Michigan natives, and Knight said about 80 of the newly accepted students are from within the state, as well.

"We don’t want to lose the idea of our mission, which was to fulfill a shortage of physicians in Michigan. We think the way we interview and how we get our students will help fill that shortage," Knight said.

CMED's building was constructed with 104-student classes in mind, Knight said. From the classrooms to lecture halls, a 104-person capacity is noted.

"The way the building was built, even the main auditoriums, were set up for 104 students," Knight said. "The rooms were set up for groups of eight, which, when you get enough groups, equals 104. Even from the start, our building was constructed to do this. We don’t want to get too big, because we want to do a really good job."

Students will remain at the Mount Pleasant location for the first two years of school and then move to one of CMU's two Saginaw locations and other hospitals throughout mid-Michigan and the Upper Peninsula for residency training.


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