CMU Program Board to host 'Aca-Chips' featuring all three a cappella RSOs

Three talents. One night. No instruments.

Program Board is presenting all three registered student organization a cappella groups under one roof for the first time ever.

At 7 p.m. on Feb. 20 in Plachta Auditorium, Fish N Chips, On the Rox and Central Harmony will perform a free concert called Aca-Chips.

“This is a showcase of three talented groups on campus and this is a unique event,” said Novi junior Katie DeWitt, Program Board communications chairwoman. “They usually are not featured together or are free. This allows (the) CMU community to come out and support these three RSOs.”

Patrick Davis, a third year Central Harmony member and Warren graduate assistant, said the three groups were already planning to collaborate before Program Board contacted them in November.

“We have already been trying to create an a cappella community with us three and it was perfect timing with our group dynamics,” Davis said. “Program Board was the one that instituted the concert and we were all on board. Early this school year (we) began working together, so it was perfect timing.”

The three a cappella groups have different styles, and the concert allows the CMU community to experience the variety of talent.

Thursday's event is planned to last two hours, giving each group about 30 minutes each, and enough time for a finale.

Caleb King, a Walled Lake junior and president of Fish N Chips, said the concert could start a new tradition.

“We are just a bunch of crowd pleasers,” he said. “If this event becomes pretty big, I think we would all be open to do it again, especially if all goes as planned.”

As a cappella shows become more and more popular, DeWitt said the concert allows the community to be introduced to all three groups at the same time.

“It is a different experience from a real concert,” DeWitt said. “It is amazing to hear how they can adjust their voices and create a sound with just their voices. I think people that have yet to hear and see an a cappella group perform will be blown away by it.”


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