SGA election sees larger day one turnout than previous year

Editor's note: This article has been updated to change an inaccuracy.

The first day of voter turnout for the Student Government Association's elections surpassed the total number from last year's opening day.

Within the first 24 hours of the week-long vote, more than 800 students logged onto OrgSync and voted in the presidential race while close to 700 students participated in last year's vote.

"It's great to see students really getting involved, putting their opinions out there and voting," said Elections Director Kelly Schiess. "This kind of turnout is very encouraging."

Running in the presidential race is incumbent Marie Reimers and Treasurer Margaret Blackmer. On the other ticket is Senate Leader Chuck Mahone and House Leader Mariah Urueta.

Livonia senior Robert Binder credited the influx of early voters to extensive campaigning by the presidential candidates.

"They've been everywhere this year," Binder said. "They've visited a lot of RSOs to talk with the students and tell them to vote."

Another factor for the high turnout might be the changes made to Senate elections. Each senator runs for a position based on their particular college on campus. Unlike in previous years, students vote according to the college they belong to for the senator they want to represent them.

Each of the presidential candidates are involved in a number of different student issues on campus. Urueta said the people invested in those causes are likely to vote in the election, which could be part of the high student participation on Monday.

"Both tickets have been working hard to reach the students and work with them in those different areas," the Waterford senior said.

SGA elections run until midnight on Friday. Students can take part in the election by going to


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