FINALS GUIDE: Top 5 studying songs

Studying is rough during finals. Listing to music can help tremendously. Here are the top five songs to help stay focused while studying.

1. "Heartbreak Warfare" By John Mayer

This soft rock melody has a nice calming way to help you relax and start studying for finals. The smooth track provides the right amount of background noise to combat the piles of study material in front of you.

2. "Figure 8" By Ellie Goulding

The mix between the buzzing dubstep bassline and piano in this track has a catchy beat to help keep you entertained while focusing on finals. The song will keep you pumped for the hours of studying ahead.

3. "Midnight City" By M83

The synth-pop tune has a relaxing vibe to help keep you going throughout hours of the night studying. Its electronic beat will give you enough energy for the night paired with the large coffee planted on the desk beside you.

4. "Young Blood" By The Naked and Famous

This indie electro track has the catchiest tune to help keep you focused on your finals. The song will give you a positive and energetic vibe for conquering the end of the semester. You may find yourself singing and dancing along by the end of the chorus.

5. "Good Life" By OneRepublic

When you're finishing up your study session, turn up the volume on this song. That feeling of accomplishment? It's the good life.


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