Winner of CMU Shakespeare birthday sonnet contest named

Editor's note:
The brilliance of William Shakespeare has been revered by young writers and professional scholars alike.
To commemorate his 450th birthday, Central Michigan University students in the English department held a sonnet contest to honor the celebrated playwright.
This year's winner was senior Jade Anderson.
To laud the work of the mammoth wordsmith and Anderson for her work, here is her poem in its entirety. We hope this poem will give you a much-needed distraction from binge study sessions and grueling final exams.
"Love: Captive of Time" When I upon your face do look, my love, A fire within my soul begins to burn. And as the wind does tempt to flight a dove, My father's breath, for freedom makes me yearn. Only in flight will love for us remain Else we stay here, slaves to the race of time. My father, Father Time, would love detain As if such love as ours were sin or crime. So come my love away where fairies fly Who carry dreams of lovers far and wide In timeless ecstasy our dreams will try to burn like love where they've no need to hide. And free to love, I'll love forever this... That where we are, Time cannot end our bliss."


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