Museum of Culture and Natural History teaches children about Civil War

A Civil War era flag on display next to a mock Civil War uniform. The flag has Michigan cities Shiloh and Metamora inscribed on the stripes. (Taryn Wattles | Staff Photographer)

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Offering a day of fun and American history, Central Michigan University's College of Humanities and Social and Behavioral Sciences partnered with CMU’s Museum of Culture and Natural History to teach children about the Civil War.

Children from kindergarten to the eighth grade got the chance to dress in Civil War uniforms, received training on how to use a musket and learned the basics of old-school military marching.

The event was held at the Gerald R. Poor Museum, located at the corner of Preston Street and West Campus Drive.

All photos and captions by Taryn Wattles, Central Michigan Life staff photographer. Visit to view more of her work and other photo essays by other CM Life photographers.


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