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Students can cash in on unique opportunity by attending home games this fall


Those of you who are new to campus are in for a real treat Thursday night: Central Michigan University football.

This spectacle is completely unmatched in terms of atmosphere and excitement. It is the most riveting event that takes place six times a year on this campus with thousands of passionate attendees.

I cover CMU sports because I love CMU sports. This is the most memorable and valuable experience I am blessed with while doing this job.

I could not think of anything I would rather be doing on a Saturday afternoon in Mount Pleasant. The roar of the crowd and electricity within the jam-packed stadium will send a chill down your spine.

How could you miss any of the home games this season? You would be cheating yourself out of a moving experience.

You will probably run into one or two fellow students this fall that will discourage you from attending a game, suggesting it is not worth your time.

Here are a few reasons that guy is wrong and you should actively participate in ensuring a Chippewas victory every time they play in your backyard:

It’s fun:

This is the most obvious reason to attend games. Football connects us in a way that no other campus event can. 

This is the stage on which our success as a university is most public. Nothing more exciting happens here each year. Witnessing this excitement in person is a feeling only attainable by being able to truly claim: “I was there.”

It’s free:

This is the most practical reason to go. Almost all of us students are low on cash, even during the first week of the semester.

Students at Michigan State or U-M pay hundreds of dollars to see their fellow students play football at home games each year. You have made a good decision in coming to a school with a football program which finances itself well enough to keep you walking in the door at Kelly/Shorts Stadium for free.

The 12th man:

It is extremely disheartening to sit in the Kelly/Shorts press box, gazing out over a sea of empty student-section seats.

That’s how a reporter feels, can you image what the men on the field think as they raise their arms up and down … to no one? There is no debating that if it generates enough noise, a crowd can directly affect the outcome of a college football game.

A call to arms:

This is your duty as a representative of this university and a member not of the unofficial CMU football fan club, but a member of the CMU family.

Picture it now. The cannon hoisted high above Titus Davis’ head after a thrashing of the Western Michigan Broncos in the season finale at Kelly/Shorts Stadium.

You’ve attended every home game. Stayed until the end, through the rain, turnovers and longing for your warm bed back at the dorms.

It is at that moment when you will taste delicious pride. A sense of fulfillment and admiration that two or three regular season losses could never take away.

Why would you cheat yourself out of that glorious moment on Nov. 22 when WMU comes to town?

Why would you blow off a group of men proudly wearing the Maroon and Gold, who want nothing more than to make you just as proud?


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