A Very Cheesy Holiday


| Photo Editor || Students are set to celebrate National Cheese Pizza Day. Celebrate by visiting your favorite pizza place in Mount Pleasant on Friday. 

In the U.S. there is a holiday for almost everything, and Sept. 5 is by far the cheesiest: National Cheese Pizza Day.

The obscure holiday that seemingly sprouted out of nowhere celebrates everyone’s love for the plainest yet most popular of deliverable party dishes; however, given Central Michigan University student’s high demand for pizza, cheese is in no way the most popular topping.

“Students make up about 60-70 percent of our pizza sales,” said Joe Flebbe, the general manager of Happy’s Pizza, 1218 S. Mission St. “Pepperoni is the most popular topping. It’s the go-to topping that no one really has a problem with when a group is deciding what they want.”

Flebbe, along with several other pizza shop managers, agreed pepperoni is the most popular topping students choose for their pie, with ham and bacon tied for second.

“If more people buy cheese pizza on Nation Cheese Pizza Day on Friday, that’s fine I suppose, but we’re going to be busy on a Friday night anyway,” said Jake Isley, an assistant manager at Domino’s, 706 S. Mission St.

Isley, like many of the other pizza workers, said he cranks out several hundred pizzas every night, feeding CMU student’s desire for hot deliciousness delivered to their door.

“Everyone loves pizza. We had one guy call up saying ‘I don’t care how much it costs, I need 10 pizzas here right now,’” he said.

Several managers said they felt limiting the holiday to only cheese pizza was a disservice to pizza lovers.

“Not sure how I feel about it being just about cheese pizza,” said Pizza King Manager and co-owner Dan Green. “It seems wrong to limit it to just plain cheese, like the day is missing out on the variety.”

Simplifying the variety might not be favored among pizza fans, but it does have its advantages.

“I would love it if people were ordering more cheese pizzas Friday,” said Hungry Howies Manager Jason Showers, adding the store delivers more than 300 pizzas throughout Mount Pleasant on any given night. "Those are easy to make when you’ve got a lot of orders coming in."


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