Bonamego announces cancer diagnosis

New Coach John Bonamego gets congratulated by old friends and faculty members Feb. 9 at the press conference in the CMU Events Center Atrium. John Bonamego was announced the new head coach of CMU football Feb. 8.

Head Football Coach John Bonamego has been diagnosed with cancer in his left tonsil. 

According to a statement given by Bonamego, he met with student-athletes and coaches this morning to give them the news. 

"As I told our team, I will beat this," he said. "It was discovered early and is very treatable."

Bonamego said his prognosis is more than 90 percent for a full recovery because the cancer was found early. From seeing the warning signs to hearing his diagnosis, the process took a little over three weeks. If doctors had not told him he had cancer, he wouldn't know, he said. 

Bonamego said a team of doctors in Mount Pleasant and Ann Arbor are overseeing his treatment. He will continue coaching during his treatment while making some adjustments, such as attending fewer external events. 

On Sept. 3, the Chippewas will begin their season against Oklahoma State University. Bonamego promises to be on the field. 


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