Enrollment reports to be released Thursday


University President George Ross answers questions from the senate an Academic Senate meeting held in Pearce Hall in 2014.

Fall 2015 enrollment details will be released Thursday, said University President George Ross during his report at a Sept. 22 Academic Senate meeting.

The freshman class enrollment is expected to be on target with the university's goal, with 94 percent of first-time students continuing to enroll from within Michigan. Ross said he also expects increases in international and minority enrollment.

"The challenge gets harder and harder each year as far as recruiting quality students," Ross said. "This year for the first time since 2004, the number of Michigan High School graduates is less than 100,000. The pool gets smaller, the competition gets tougher."

Enrollment details will be available on the Office of Institutional Research website. Check back with Central Michigan Life for full analysis of the statistics later in the week.

Ross also announced that he will not deliver a formal State of the University address this year; an annual report will be published instead.

Vice President of University Communications Sherry Knight said the decision had nothing to do with recent asbestos issues that shut down Plachta auditorium, the forum where Ross' address is held. The decision was made in the spring, Knight explained, before the asbestos was disturbed and the resulting cleanup was required.

"State of the University addresses aren’t set in stone; they don’t always occur," Knight said in an email after the meeting. "The annual report will come out later this fall. He will use it in conversations with smaller groups of people, including the Academic Senate, for example. The decision was made so that he could have more in-depth, personal conversations across the university."

The next university address will be in 2017 as part of the 125th year celebration of Central Michigan Normal School opening its doors on September 13, 1892.


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