RPL Students host a knockerball tournament for Special Olympics

The RPL 430 class put on a knockerball tournament Friday afternoon in the Finch Fieldhouse. The purpose of the event was to help raise money for Special Olympics Michigan.

Knockerball, or bubble soccer, is a like a game of soccer with a twist: Each player must wear an giant, inflatable ball that covers participants from the waist up. It’s a new, totally safe contact sport that includes a lot of collisions and laughs.

The objective of the game is similar to soccer, but with a team of three and no goalie. The inflatable balls make it easy for players to run into others on the court and knock them over.

Student participant, Roxanne Bliss, said knockerball is much more challenging compared to an average game of soccer. The most challenging part for her was getting back on her feet after being knocked down numerous times.

“We were playing an all-guys team, and size matters,” Bliss said. “I would get hit a lot and just fall down. But once you get the hang of [wearing] the ball, you can do cool little flips in it.”

In order to play, each team donated $15 to the charity. The RPL students also set up a silent auction during the event and promoted fundraising for the Special Olympics.

“We wanted to choose an organization that worked above and beyond,” said event host Chelsea Salbert. “They not only donate to a great cause, but they’re continuously having events year-round to help their athletes.”

Many CMU students, parents, and non-students participated in the tournament.


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