Editor's Note: For those who aren't into 'Star Wars'


At this point in the semester we're all just trying to get through Finals Week. The stresses of the year are starting to pile up, especially for 2,308 students who are on track to graduate this December.

As college students struggling to keep our grades alive, we seem to be made to suffer. It’s our lot in life. With this in mind, the staff at Central Michigan Life wanted to do something special for our second-to-last newspaper of the year. I probably have some explaining to do.

Our staff is obsessed with media, and it's been hard not to get caught up in the pervasive hype machine that is "Star Wars." Central Michigan University isn't immune to it's power. Search your feelings, you know it to be true: "Star Wars" is everywhere.

Today's edition is a tribute to one of the most enduring and franchises of all time. The entire Central Michigan Life family worked together to bring you a product of passion, from special stories, photos, design and advertisements from a galaxy far, far away.

You've probably saw our promotions team running around campus with Chewbacca on Monday too. I'm especially delighted about that.

You might be asking, what else is in this newspaper? Have they lost their minds? I find your lack of faith disturbing.

We can have our moments to be a little fun, however Central Michigan Life would fail it's readers if it did not report what is happening in the Mount Pleasant community. In all pages after the "Star Wars" coverage, which ends on page 14, Central Michigan Life is back to business as usual with the high quality news and sports content you've come to expect this semester.


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