Summer Scholars awarded $64,500 total stipend

Instead of going home for the summer, 19 students have been accepted into the 2016 Summer Scholars Program, and will stay on campus to perform research.

The Office of Research and Graduate Studies has budgeted money for the Summer Scholars Program each year since 1997. This year, a total of $64,500 has been rewarded to 19 of the 35 students who wrote research proposals. Funding given to the program from individual colleges was $13,500, and the other $51,000 was provided by ORGS.

“The Summer Scholars program was established to provide summer support in terms of a stipend for undergraduates, who wish to continue doing research over the summer,” said David Ash, vice president of research and dean of graduate studies.

Initially the budget only had enough to fund 10 students, Ash said. After reviewing student proposals, the budget was adjusted to allow for 15 students to be funded. The other four were funded from their respective colleges.

Scholar selections were based on recommendations by a designated committee, which is comprised of a faculty member from each college on campus.

Ash said the Summer Scholars Program is a really valuable experience for students.

Each scholar will receive a $3,000 summer stipend to contribute to research and living expenses. In addition, some students are being granted up to $500 as supply money, to contribute to their research.

Students who were admitted into the 2016 Summer Scholars Program are Gabriela DeOliveira, Kallan Green, Kyal Lalk , Devon Leroux, Kylie McElrath, Zachary Scherzer, Nicole Strickland and Megan Trotter from the department of biology.

Evan Bates, Matthew Finneran and Brandon Palmateer received funding from the College of Medicine.

Alec Badour, Claudia Ramsey and Oliver Yockey received funding from the department of chemistry and biochemistry are in the scholars program.

Emily Shiner from the department of english language and literature, and Taylor Ripke from the department of computer science also received funding.

Alexander Lynch from the Department of Geography, Megan Keen from the Athletic Training Program and Katelin Crane from the Department of Human Environmental Studies are in the program as well.

“It’s a good preparation for whatever they decide to do with their future," he said.