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OPINION: Support Kesha, those being victim blamed outside of the spotlight


Anyone who knows me is aware of my love for the glitter-covered, blue lipstick clad popstar Kesha. 

I started listening to Kesha's songs, which narrated a crazy, party-girl lifestyle toward the end of my own sheltered, shy, insecure high school years. She taught me to be unapologetically myself in the face of critics. 

While I do like her songs, I'm more a fan of her as a person. 

Kesha is technically a genius based on her extremely high SAT scores. She writes all of her own lyrics, does her own makeup and styling, and produces ridiculous, powerful, unabashedly profound music. She has one of the most loyal fan bases, and has indirectly made a positive impact on me and and so many others.

She has done all this alongside her rapist.

Kesha filed a sexual abuse lawsuit in October 2014 against Sony Music and her Sony producer — known as "Dr. Luke." In that lawsuit, she accused the producer of drugging, raping and verbally and emotionally abusing her, among other allegations.

I can't begin to imagine the hardships this brave woman has had to endure just to do her job. She said because of the toxic relationship with her producer, she hasn't even had full creative freedom in creating most of her music, and now is tied into a musical contract with her rapist. Her case, however, isn't being taken seriously.

Like every other rape case I've heard about, this goes beyond being violated. This man was in a position of power and took advantage of that in the worst way possible; and the courts ruled in favor of letting him continue to do that in one of the most important aspects of Kesha's life — her career. 

She should be applauded for coming forward after all of this time. Instead, she is met with injustice.

Kesha has gone through this with the support of other famous female popstars and her loyal fan base tweeting #FreeKesha, but is still not immune to victim blaming.  

Kesha came forward with what I'm sure has been one of the most traumatic experiences of her life, and there are critics out there saying she is doing it to get more money, a better contract. 

We need to remember this is not abnormal. We live in a society where there will always be people finding ways to blame survivors of sexual assault, but most of them aren't famous popstars. Rape culture doesn't discriminate. Everyone, regardless of celebrity status, suffers the same undeserved, harsh consequences after the worst crime is committed against them.

The legal system is not designed with the rights of survivors of sexual assault in mind. 

Keep tweeting #FreeKesha, and when you hear of another sexual assault case, remember what even someone at the top of the totem pole had to deal with while trying to free herself from her rapist.


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