Apartments bought out by Texas housing corporation

Asset Campus Housing, a student living management corporation based in Texas, bought Copper Beech TownHomes and The Grove apartments.

The official property name change for The Grove — now The Reserve — took place on March 22 after management in the company changed from Campus Crest Communities LLC to Access Campus Housing in January. A management change at Copper Beech took place last month.

"The goal of this change is to improve the overall experience for each of our residents, their guests and guarantors," read an email sent by The Reserve management team on March 23. 

Leasing manager of The Reserve, Cody Ruffell, said the change in management shouldn't affect tenants. Ruffell was recently promoted to a management position and hopes to establish a better relationship with residents than before.

The rebranding and management staff changes will not affect current renewal of lease, tenancy or rental rates at The Reserve, Ruffell said.

"There wasn't a good relationship with residents and management before," Ruffel said. "I have been here for a year as a part-time community assistant then leasing consultant before I was just promoted."

He said rebranding will cost money, but the turn around investment from leases will make up for it.

"I just hope (the residents) are comfortable coming up and speaking with us, and I want to make sure they're happy," Ruffel said.

Being managed by a corporation across the nation "makes it interesting," Copper Beech Townhomes Leasing Manager Tyler Varney said. The TownHomes previously had their own corporation office specifically for Copper Beech.

Varney was hired toward the end of February, right around the time management changed in Copper Beech.

"Hopefully we'll be able to make Copper Beech the most desirable place for this area by hosting events for residents and having good incentives for them to live here," Varney said.

He said ACH values resident satisfaction and will offer Copper Beech a bigger budget to do things like offer residents giveaways and host apartment-wide events.


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