Greeks compete in athletic games for Derrick Nash Foundation

Kylie Smith quickly shuffled across the McGuirk Arena, a flimsy spoon in her mouth, praying that the ball balancing on it wouldn't fall off.

The Howell junior made it across the court, turned around and made it halfway back before the ball fell. The crowd gasped and then cheered.

Smith, a member of Delta Phi Epsilon, was part of one of the 11 teams from 32 organizations competing in the Greek Week athletic games, part of a week-long series of events to raise money for the Derrick Nash Strong Foundation.

Greek Life hopes to raise $55,000 for the foundation, a non-profit organization that aims to help the financial needs of families with acute or chronically ill children. 

“It was very nerve-wracking at first. I was worried about focusing,” she said. “I just love how Greek Life is such a huge community with different people involved. Even though we’re all so different and unique, we get along so well.”

The relay race kicked off the event, including a ball balance, a man-made wheelbarrow across the arena, a football throw through a small hoop and the dress up dress down, where students piled on baggy clothing before running across the court to take them off and run back.

Musical chairs followed the race with teams fighting to sit down first in the fold-up chairs before the music stopped.

“I like the competitiveness and seeing fraternities and sororities compete for a good cause,” said Christopher Holdburg, Port Huron sophomore and Pi Kappa Pi member. “It's funny to see how competitive college students get playing musical chairs.”

Teams hopped their way to success in three-legged capture the flag, with their final two teams competing in a three-legged race across the arena and back.

The teams competed in a 25-point volleyball game with a volleyball player as referee. 

“It's fast-paced and brings all the Greeks together. It's really interactive, so it's nice not to just be sitting down,” said Brooke Nichols, Delta Phi Epsilon member and Almont junior.

Sigma Chi and Zeta Tau Alpha placed first.

Alpha Sigma Phi, Alpha Sigma Tau and Alpha Phi Alpha placed second.

Phi Sigma Phi, Delta Zeta and Kappa Alpha Psi placed third.