Handicapped seating, bag policy enforced this year at Kelly/Shorts Stadium


To make it clear to attendees where handicap platforms are located at Kelly/Shorts Stadium, the Athletics Department of Facility and Event Operations has painted markings to make it absolutely clear.

Kelly/Shorts Stadium has always offered seating platforms for handicapped students, but they’ve often gone unnoticed. To make it clear to attendees what the platforms are for, the Athletics Department has painted markings to make it absolutely clear.

“We saw this idea at another school and we thought we could do it here,” said  Orville Jennings, assistant athletic director of facility and event operations.

The platforms are located in sections: AA, BB, CC and the student section.

Jennings said Kelly/Shorts is also implementing its bag check policy — something that the stadium hasn’t always enforced.

“It’s been on our signage and our website,” Jennings said. “In years past, we weren’t as consistent in enforcing the rule but we thought, with everything going on in the world, that we had to enforce the rules we had in place.”

Bags larger than 5 ½” x 8 ½” x 2” will not be allowed into the stadium.