Mike Mains performs at Chi Alpha House, Michigander


Mike Mains performs some of his new songs for members of the audience on Sept. 21 at Chi Alpha house.

The four-piece rock band could be heard from five houses away.
Jason Singer, the lead singer of the band Michigander, stood outside the Chi Alpha House dressed in all black, holding a guitar in front of the small crowd. Between songs about missing the '90s, he made awkward jokes, his voice echoing down the street.
Singer was performing at the free concert on the Chi Alpha House’s front lawn Sept. 21.
“Our biggest goal is just providing safe events for Central Michigan University students to go to -- events that are alcohol and drug free,” said Jacob Oebel, director of events. “(That way) students not interested in the party scene (know) there’s still things for them to do that will be equally as fun, but are safe.”

The only beverage available at the concert was the energy drink, Monster. Alcoholic beverages were banned as a way to promote enjoying the concert in a safe, clean way.
“It’s great that we can gather without alcohol and have a great time,” Grand Rapids senior Kami Walsh said. “That’s a great goal and I think we’ve accomplished that here.”
The lack of alcohol didn’t slow students down. Near the end of indie rock singer Mike Main’s set, dozens of students were on their feet and singing along as only a single drum continued to be played in the background.
Mains said this is his favorite part of performing.
“There’s little moments where it feels like time stops and you’ve caught this invisible wave,” Mains said. “It feels like you’re gonna live forever.”