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Students organize in 'Peace and Solidarity' rally after shocking election results


Andy Blom and son Ethan Blom sign a poster at the Solidarity Rally outside Park Library on November 9.

About 100 students and faculty members gathered Wednesday for a "Solidarity and Love" rally near the Charles V. Park Library to offer comfort for those upset or angry after last night's election.

After Donald Trump was elected the 45th President of the United States, students organized and came together to offer each other support. All major polls predicting Trump's loss yesterday before results came in left students in shock and some in distress.

Last night's election results affected Kara Kish on a personal level. She said Wednesday's rally helped her gain her sense of community because she was surrounded by people who share the same views as her.

"As a transgender woman, this election has made me afraid of going out into the world and existing," Kish said. "I'm not exactly sure how safe I am anymore. Especially now."

At 2 p.m., five students stood outside the Charles V. Park Library holding signs with written phrases including, "Love Trumps Hate," "We stand with women," and "We stand with LGBTQ." Students walking to class signed their names on the signs and supported the group with uplifting comments, tears and hugs.

Within the first half hour, about 80 people joined in the rally. Senior JoJo Buck led the crowd in chanting, "we won't divide."

"I was actually angry. I had so much fire in my soul last night," Buck said. "Trump supporters stood behind something bigger than them. They don't care about our opinions and they've proved that time and time again, but they put a stamp on it last night."

Philosophy professor Andy Blom brought his five-year-old son, Ethan, to the rally. As Ethan walked around signing his name on signs students were holding, Blom explained to him what each one said and how important it is to treat everyone with respect.

"It's a really sad day for our country and it shows that we have a lot of work to do," Blom said. "The vision of America that won in the election is not the vision of America that I have for (Ethan) and his future. It's not a world I want him to be growing up in and I think it's good for him to be here and see that there is another hopeful, loving and supportive part of this country."


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