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TECH TALK: MacBook has lost its innovative touch without Jobs


Technology industry news has been buzzing the last two weeks, especially as Apple faces tough competition from its major competitors. A new Microsoft platform announcement and Apple’s lack of innovation shows it is time to change which company techies view as the leader in global personal computing products.

Microsoft is phasing out of its phone division, but the company is using its collective brain and manpower on an exciting new product that will shake up the entire market.

The Surface Studio is Microsoft’s new vision for the future of creative design computing. It is known in some circles as the iMac killer. With its own bit of ingenuity, the Surface Studio is exactly what designers have been waiting for since the dawn of the workstation.

Microsoft Surface Studio totes a new, gorgeous, 28-inch interactive display, supposedly the thinnest display in the company’s lineup. The thing isn’t just compact, the entire display is the most interactive workspace you’ll see for the foreseeable future.

For six years I have sufficed with using a cheap graphics tablet to interact with my best designs. Finally, this issue has been streamlined, improved, and nearly perfected with Microsoft’s first iteration.

The Surface Studio houses its top-of-the-line spec components in the base of the workstation, and frees up the display to adjust on an innovative hinge. .

Designers now have the ability to get up-close and personal with all 13.5 million pixels. Yes, you heard me right, eight figures. Furthermore, you’ll get to interact with every one of those pixels with a new innovative puck controller, affectionately dubbed as “The Dial.”

The Dial is compatible with not just the Studio itself, but with all Surface products in Microsoft’s fleet. The Surface pen, an interactive stylus pen which ships with the Surface Pro tablet, is compatible with the Studio as well.

Consumers have never had accessibility to products as innovative and enterprising as this. If you’re a graphic designer, I highly advise running to your nearest Best Buy or electronics store to test the Studio out for yourself. Its going to blow you away.

Meanwhile, what has Apple come up with to confront this challenge? Absolutely nothing.

Apple fails to realize the amount of time they are wasting giving us the same product, year after year. The iMac’s lack of touchscreen-compatible accessories, and its disregard for specification upgrades, places the former giant dead in the water.

They just aren’t willing, or able, to play ball with its competitors. It also proves that the once mighty Apple is flailing without its founding father, Steve Jobs.

They’ll reap what they sow in the coming years if they continue to go down their dark path of zero-sum innovation, or lack thereof.