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Snowfall expected as final exam week begins


The National Weather Service has forecasted snow in Mount Pleasant for Sunday. The announcement comes as Central Michigan University prepares for final exams week beginning Monday Dec. 12.

The NWS currently predicts that Mid-Michigan will accumulate 5 inches of snow Sunday through Monday. A statement released by the Central Michigan University Finance and Administrative Services department said plans are underway to ensure the university remains open for final exams.

Jonathon Webb, associate vice president of facilities management, said the university is preparing for an average total of 4 inches.

As of today’s current forecast — students shouldn’t expect a cancellation of exams.

“We had discussions this morning and we’re feeling confident that we’ll have everything ready to go,” Webb said. “We’ve laid out a plan and once we see what is actually occurring we can work throughout the night, and make sure classes happen on Monday.”