Heroin found during traffic stop


A traffic stop led to three suspects being taken into custody and the confiscation of eight grams of heroin on Jan. 22. 

A Mount Pleasant police officer performed a traffic stop on a vehicle around 8:46 p.m. between Mission and Anna streets. Three men were in the vehicle, a driver, a front-seat passenger and a passenger in the rear-seat. 

The front-seat passenger Donald Halicek, 39, was intoxicated and in violation of his parole, said Lt. Jeff Browne, public information officer of the Mount Pleasant Police Department. When patted down, officers found a plastic bottle containing eight grams of a powdery white substance, which was later determined to be heroin. 

The driver, 30-year-old Adam Dysinger, was found driving with a restricted license and operating a vehicle without insurance. Upon search, three needles were found in his possession, according to an MPPD press release.

Browne said he does not know what Dysinger was using the needles for, but added that the needles are “generally for some injectable drug.”

Mount Pleasant has seen an increase in heroin-related incidents recently, Browne said. He added that heroin use is a national epidemic and is “spreading all over" because the illicit narcotic is the go-to replacement for increasingly popular prescription opioids.

“I think there are more opioids being consumed by the general public, and because it’s becoming hard to purchase opioids (legally), people are turning to heroin," he said. 

The passenger in the rear seat of the vehicle was also intoxicated and found to be violating his parole. His name has not been revealed at this time. 

All three men were arrested, and both Dysinger and Halicek were taken to Isabella County Jail. The unnamed suspect was taken to his parole officer, Browne said. 

Dysinger was arraigned Monday and charged with violation of license restriction and operating without security for a motor vehicle.

Halicek was also arraigned Monday on a charge of possession of a controlled substance — second offense notice — which is an eight-year felony. He was also charged with bringing contraband into jail, which is a five-year felony, Browne said.