Retiring faculty members to be honored for service


Retiring faculty members will be honored at the 2017 Spring Retirement Ceremony on April 10, 2017.

“The significance of this event is to celebrate retirees for their dedication and service to the university,” said Daun Pass, event coordinator. “The individuals are being honored for their years of dedication and service to our CMU community."

The ceremony is open to co-workers, family and close friends of the 27retirees being honored, and will take place in the Bovee University Center Rotunda Room from 2-4 p.m.

President George Ross will give opening remarks. Honorees will then receive a certificate of appreciation and a personal statement from Ross. 

“Central Michigan University is thankful and appreciates the (retirees) contribution, therefore, we feel it is important they are recognized, Pass said.

Retirees being honored include:

  • Donald Antisdel, Building Services
  • Joyce Baugh, Political Science and Public Administration
  • Julie Brown, Special Olympics Program
  • Roger Coles, Provost's Office
  • Karen Edwards, Teacher Education and Professional Development
  • Linda Gillingham, Registrar's Office
  • Sidney Graham, Mathematics
  • Clare Graham, Printing Services
  • Susan Griffith, English Language and Literature
  • Jeralyn Harm, Faculty Personnel Services
  • James Hill, Political Science and Public Administration
  • Jean Lambert, Special Olympics Program
  • Stanley Mandziuk, Plant Engineering and Planning
  • John Mason, Athletics
  • Carol Mullet, University Health Services
  • Nina Nash-Robertson, School of Music
  • Daniel Patterson, English Language and Literature
  • Sharon Periard, Public Broadcasting
  • Dawn Pyles, Building Services
  • Kathleen Recker, Paint Shop
  • Kaye Shirley, Academic Advising and Assistance
  • Lal Singh, Computer Science
  • Kimberly Speet, Police
  • Marguerite Terrill, Teacher Education and Professional Development
  • Thomas Trionfi, Contracting and Purchasing Services
  • Daniel Vetter, College of Business Administration - Dean's Office 
  • Cathleen Williams, President's Office