CMU student reports finding pornographic material on car windshield at Target


A mysterious note and a pornographic DVD were left on the windshield of a Central Michigan University female student’s car on the afternoon of March 23, according to multiple press releases issued by the Isabella County Sheriff’s Office.

The incident occurred at Target, 4097 E. Blue Grass Road. Isabella County Sheriff Michael Main said he has received several calls regarding the incident and the department has learned of similar situations in other retail store parking lots near Target.

Deputies reviewed security video footage from the Target parking lot and said the subject’s face or other identifying details cannot be determined from the recording. However, the video does show a male placing something on the windshield of another car and driving away in a silver SUV, according to one release.

Main said his office is in the process of obtaining the recording for further review.

News of the incident spread on social media after the student posted about it on Facebook mid-day on Thursday. According to her post, Sierra Kathleen Newland visited Target around 1:30 p.m. After leaving the store, she found a bag attached to her windshield.

The student was wary of taking the bag and its contents off of her windshield because she had heard of similar incidents related to sex trafficking in the Mount Pleasant area, according to her post.

“I locked myself in my car and grabbed the bag from my window,” Newland wrote. “After opening it I started panicking and crying.”

A piece of paper with the words, “Hi just a couple of your friends being silly” with a drawing of two doodles and the DVD were found inside the bag, Newland wrote. She added that she could not see or find the person who placed the bag and its contents on her windshield.

Newland called the police and drove away.

After reviewing surveillance footage, Newland wrote that she believes the older man was in the backseat of his vehicle, and that’s why she was unable to see him. She also stated the vehicle had tinted windows.

The sheriff’s office investigated a similar case in Isabella County in 2013, according to the release. They also confirmed that they have learned of a similar complaint in the Manistee area. Isabella County law enforcement is now working with Manistee law enforcement to confirm the validity of that complaint.

Lt. Jeff Browne of the Mount Pleasant Police Department said his department received reports in the last week of ribbons being tied to windshield wipers and napkins being left on vehicles, but without pornographic DVDs.

Browne said Mount Pleasant Police has been advising individuals to be aware of their surroundings.

Main wrote in his release that students and community members should be responsive to their surroundings. If they find something suspicious on their car, they should call 911 or return to the store they exited to seek additional help.

If anyone has experienced similar incidents please contact the Sheriff’s Office at 989-772-5911.