Model Workshop raises funds for Threads Fashion Show

Models prepared for their Threads Fashion Show debut at a workshop last night in Finch Fieldhouse.

For a $3 donation, students were able to participate in modeling lessons and critiques alongside Threads models. Participants were also entered into a raffle to win their choice of door prizes.

The workshop was the final fundraiser for the fashion show, which is predominantly funded through donations. The cost for this year's Threads is almost $30,000.

“We only have a class budget of $2,500 and the show is obviously costing so much more than that,” said Milford junior Emalie Mogielski, a member of the Threads model committee.

Instructors taught proper posture, how to walk the runway and how to display confidence, said Jackson senior Amber Morris, a model committee member. Participants were taught how to look forward, keep their shoulders down and look straight while modeling.

“Generally you are not supposed to smile with your teeth or have your arms swaying everywhere,” said Saline sophomore and Threads model Megan Scott. “(We learned that you have) to keep a straight face with your arms to your sides with only a little movement.”

Genesee senior Megan Henry was one of the models who instructed her peers. An amateur herself, she said she was chosen by the model committee to teach.

“I’m definitely no professional but I am here to teach my group exactly how to walk,” Henry said.

Models participating in Threads were also instructed by their designers.

“(The models) are learning choreography from their designers," Morris said. "If their designer has a certain way he or she wants their model to walk, they learned it tonight."

Grand Rapids sophomore Morgan Maggini, a Threads model who came to the workshop to prepare for the show said she loves modeling.

“I've always loved being photographed and the idea of dressing up and being all pretty for the day," Maggini. "I think it will be fun to be the center of attention on stage.”

Threads Fashion Show will take place April 22. Students can contact Alyssa Kohler, director of submissions and hospitality, at to volunteer. 


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