Flood damage will cost Isabella County more than $87 million; assessments still going on

Isabella County Emergency Operations Center announced that initial estimates of the cost of flood damage were at least $87 million across Isabella County. 

The estimates takes into account damage to public property, private property, and local agriculture like crops and farmland. As the initial estimate was delivered on a time crunch, before many in-depth damage assessments could be made, the total cost could end up being higher, said Isabella County Administrator Margaret McAvoy. 

"It's a dynamic number, because people are still reporting damage," said McAvoy. "We update (the number) all the time as we get more information, but that's the number that we're working off of." 

Now that the initial damage assessments have been completed, governor Rick Snyder has requested that a second wave of FEMA-trained teams to come to Isabella County for further assessments. 

McAvoy said even after the second round of FEMA assessment, the estimates still won't be finished for the cost of replacing roads that were damaged or destroyed by the flooding.