'Suspicious death' potentially ruled as suicide, Sheriff's office IDs victim


A man found dead in his Isabella County township driveway Sunday, Aug. 13 has been identified as 45-year-old Christopher Cox, said Isabella County Sheriff Michael Main.

Detectives are still conducting an investigation but it appears it could be ruled as a suicide, Main said.

On Sunday, Aug. 13, the Sheriff’s Office responded to a death at the 5000 block of East Kay St. in Union Township. The scene at the time of investigation seemed unusual and required further follow up by detectives and the crime lab, Main said.

No further information will be released until detectives finish more interviews, Main said. Cox’s name was originally withheld as he had some younger children but his family has been notified.

Main called it a “suspicious death” in a release on Monday, Aug. 14.

At about 1:30 p.m. Aug. 13 deputies responded to a Union Township home. A caller had contacted 911 and said she had driven into a driveway and found what appeared to be a deceased man lying beside his vehicle, Main said.

Deputies found Cox in his driveway, Main said. A handgun was found at the scene and Cox’s injuries were an apparent gunshot wound to the head. It appeared he had been deceased for several hours, Main said.

Several detectives were dispatched to the scene after the first responding deputies determined the incident required further investigation. Detectives and deputies were on scene for more than nine hours.


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