LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Central Michigan University community supports DREAMers


On Sept. 5, 2017, President Trump had Attorney General Jeff Sessions announce the administration’s intent to rescind the protections afforded to undocumented immigrants under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program beginning in early 2018. 

Known as “DREAMers,” this population of immigrants arrived without papers as minors. Although they were born in other countries, the United States is their longtime home —
sometimes the only home they remember. They have lived, studied and worked here for almost all of their lives; they are strangers in their birthplaces. The Trump administration’s recent decision throws their lives into great uncertainty and, for some, possible tragedy through deportation to what is effectively a foreign country.

Some of those DREAMers are part of our community here at Central Michigan University. We, the undersigned, state our unflinching support for you. We recognize that you are invaluable members of our communities, and we uphold your right to stay in the U.S. and to lead a life free from the fears of deportation. We will do what is in our power to help you, and to point you to other available resources.

We stand behind the DREAMers. Immigrant experiences, documented and undocumented, define in many ways American history and society. We believe in your American dream because it is our dream too.


  1. Christi Brookes (WLC)
  2. Alejandra Rengifo (WLC)
  3. Kelly J. Murphy (REL/WGS) 
  4. Cathy Willermet (SASW)
  5. Alan Rudy (SASW)
  6. David Jesuit (PSC)
  7. Elizabeth Meadows (PSY)
  8. Amanda E. Garrison (SASW) 
  9. Joseph Michael Sommers (ENG)
  10. H. Talat Halman (REL)
  11. Al Wildey (ART)
  12. Guy Newland (REL) 
  13. Sara Moslener (REL)
  14. Jeffrey Bean (ENG)
  15. Andrew Blom (PHL)
  16. JoEllen DeLucia (ENG/WGS)
  17. Anthony Feig (GEO)
  18. Cathy Hicks Kennard (ENG)
  19. Naveen Sharma (HSC)
  20. Renee Babcock (PSY)
  21. Greg Colores (BIO)
  22. Sarah Surface-Evans (SASW)
  23. Harry Mika (SASW)
  24. Laura Cochrane (SASW)
  25. Tracy Brown (SASW)
  26. Tara McCarthy (HST)
  27. Jennifer Schisa (BIO)
  28. George Ronan (PSY)
  29. Sergio Chávez (SASW)
  30. Ed Simpson (JRN)
  31. Ethan Kolek (EDL)
  32. Liann Yates (GEO)
  33. Bruce Bonnell (Music)
  34. Elizabeth Bradshaw (SASW)
  35. Philip Hertzler (BIO)
  36. Nathanial Smith (ENG)
  37. Nathan Weed (PSY)
  38. Katrina Piatek-Jimenez (MATH)
  39. Joe Finck (PHY)
  40. Kristy Shih (HEV)
  41. Elbert Almazan (SASW)
  42. Han-Jung Ko (HEV)
  43. Susan Grettenberger (SASW)
  44. Lesley Withers (COMM)
  45. Andrew Wehrman (HST)
  46. Marco Fornari (PHY)
  47. David Smith (REL)
  48. Brittany Bayless Fremion (HST) 
  49. Douglas A. Lapp (MATH)
  50. Koblar Alan Jackson (PHY)
  51. Merlyn Mowrey (REL)
  52. Tierney Popp (HEV)
  53. David Kinney (SASW)
  54. Joellen Lewsader (HEV)
  55. Mark Francek (GEO)
  56. Eileen Malone Beach (HEV)
  57. Matthew Redshaw (PHY)
  58. Jennifer Liu Demas (HST)
  59. Gil Musolf (SASW)
  60. Gregory Smith (HST)
  61. Joseph Anderson (PHL)
  62. Tracy Galarowicz (BIO)
  63. Jeffrey Weinstock (ENG)
  64. Mary Senter (SASW)
  65. Benjamin Heumann (GEO)
  66. Kirsten Weber (COM)
  67. Lauren McConnell (TID)
  68. Lisa Gandy (CST)
  69. Barbara Andersen (GEO)
  70. Carrie Euler (HST)
  71. Edward Clayton (PSC)
  72. Andrew Dietzel (SASW and HST)
  73. Kathleen Donohue (HST)
  74. Eric Linton (BIO)
  75. Mark Hwang (BIS)
  76. Brian Smith (SASW)
  77. Lane Demas (HST)
  78. Rachel Caspari (SASW)
  79. Amy Carpenter Ford (ENG)
  80. John Robertson (HST)
  81. Xantha Karp (BIO)
  82. Lissa Schwander (SASW)
  83. Debra Linton (BIO)
  84. Anja Mueller (PHY)
  85. Kathleen Woehrle (SASW)
  86. Jorge Brea (GEO)
  87. Philip Oshel (BIO)
  88. Traci Goldsworthy (BIO)
  89. Dusty Myers (SASW)
  90. Matthew Johnson (EDL)
  91. Justin Smith (SASW)
  92. Lawrence Lemke (EAS)
  93. Jonathan Truitt (HST)
  94. Rebecca Hayes (SASW)
  95. Laurel Zwissler (REL/WGS)
  96. Matthew Katz (PHL)
  97. Ari Berk (ENG)
  98. Nicole Sparling-Barco (ENG)
  99. Tom Rohrer (CHSBS)
  100. Jonathan Glenn (MASS)
  101. Mike Pisani (MGT)
  102. Adrián Flores-Barrera (WLC)
  103. Lorrie Murray (WLC)
  104. Julie Fortino Schurtliff (CHSBS)
  105. Phame Camarena (HON)
  106. Cedric Taylor (SASW)
  107. María Chouza-Calo (WLC)
  108. Cynthia Damer (BIO)
  109. Tracy Collins (ENG)
  110. Susan Knight (WLC)
  111. Concha Allen (MKT)
  112. Scot Squires (MKT and President, UTF)
  113. Raymond Francis (TEPD)
  114. Michelle Cassidy (HST)
  115. Veronica Barone (PHY)
  116. Doina Pasca Harsanyi (HST)
  117. Marcello Graziano (GEO)
  118. Crina Tarasi (MKT)
  119. Jeff Hoyle (MKT)
  120. Katie Squires (CSD)
  121. Luz Marcela Hurtado (WLC)
  122. Krzysztof Kulawik (WLC)
  123. Will Anderson (BCA)
  124. Frim Ampaw (EDL)
  125. Donna Eriksen (Math)
  126. Neil Christiansen (PSY)
  127. Joyce Baugh (PSC Emerita)
  128. Roger Hatch (PHL Emeritus)
  129. Alfredo Estrade (PHY)
  130. Peter Orlik (BCA Emeritus)
  131. Jim McDonald (TEPD)
  132. Norma J. Bailey (TEPD Emeritus)
  133. Brigitte Bechtold (SASW)
  134. Jill Taft-Kaufman (CDA)
  135. Lisa DeMeyer (MATH)
  136. JoDell Heroux (CSE)
  137. Kate Rosier (SASW)
  138. Robert Faleer (LIB)
  139. Joyce Hendricks (PHL Emerita)
  140. Annette Thornton (CDA)
  141. Roberto Mendoza Farías (WLC)
  142. Michelle Bussert (ELI)
  143. Jeff Smith (BCA)
  144. Tim Hartshorne (PSY)
  145. Tyler Morkin (OIA)
  146. Daniela Teodorescu (WLC)
  147. Marian Matyn (LIB)
  148. Patty Williamson (BCA)
  149. Kristen McDermott (ENG)
  150. Mark Reilly (PSY)
  151. Maiko Bronson (ELI/WLC)
  152. Kim Chorvath (ELI)
  153. Khila Pokharel (ELI)
  154. Carolina Gutiérrez-Rivas (WLC)
  155. Steve Couture (ELI)
  156. Kevin Cunningham (EDU)
  157. Shane Cavanaugh (EDU)
  158. Sue Guevara (ATH)
  159. Matthew Wilson (MKT)
  160. Karen Robson (MKT)