LETTER TO THE EDITOR: CMU offers resources for student success, academic advising career path help, tutoring


When we were asked to provide some information on academic advising, careers and student success it was difficult to think of how to cover all the student resources Central Michigan University offers in a brief, yet informative way. 

There are so many challenges students face when trying to find the right help. Many times it's just as overwhelming as the problem they need help with. The great thing is CMU offers many different services that work together to help students develop a personal plan ­— your path to success. 

A common thing we hear from students, colleagues and friends is “I wish I had known about this sooner.” 

This statement is said by too many students at CMU.

So, the key is to ask questions as early and as often as possible. We know it might seem hard at first but this is why we are here to help you at the Offices of Academic Advising & Assistance, Student Success and Career Services.

Don’t ask questions only to your professors. Make sure to ask yourself: What do I value? What interests me? What are my goals? 

If you know the answers, or you don't, Academic Advising, Career Services, and your Success Coaches are here to help.

Academic Advising is here to help you find the classes interesting you and to help you complete your degree. 

Checking in with an academic advisor at least once a year can keep you focused and on track to graduate in four years. Many students end up taking classes they don’t need because they don’t realize some courses can double count for their major, minor and University Program requirements. They’re here to help you create a plan suiting your educational curiosities and degree requirements.

This will stop you from saying, “I wish I knew that my freshman year,” or “that class sounds so interesting. I wish I had time to take it.”

Career Services provides you support to plan and accomplish your career goals. Consulting them regularly will help you make the most of your experience. They will assist you with major exploration and will introduce you to Handshake, for job access, internships, events and career resources.  

A Success Coach is available to assist you with things like developing personal strategies for time management, college adjustment and study skills. 

College is different and it can take time to adjust. But don’t let that cause you to struggle or even fail. Trust us, we were students too. 

There are resources available to you throughout campus. Your professors are there for you during office hours for additional discussion. Free tutoring is available to undergraduate students enrolled in main campus courses, like the Math Assistance Centers, the Writing Centers and the many other academic areas CMU offers support.

Creating your personal plan and path to success is challenging, exciting and rewarding. 

Don't wait till it's too late to ask for help.

We are glad you are here and look forward to helping you along the way. 

Evan Montague, Director of Student Success

Michelle Howard, Executive Director of Academic Advising & Assistance

Julia Sherlock, Director of Career Services