COLUMN: McCain may be the only voice of reason we have left in Congress


Over the past few months there has been one man in Congress is doing his job. 

This man is Sen. John McCain, R-Arizona. 

McCain has become the perfect model for the Republican Party to emulate and his actions are making America great.

He’s had the courage to go against his own political party. 

He’s criticized and helped defeat the Republican healthcare bill every time, because it has not met his standard for improving the law. He did this because it wasn’t right. Not that it wasn’t right for conservatives, but for the American people. 

It speaks volumes to his character, because today we see politicians blindly siding with their party or members of their party because it’s safe. 

When President Donald Trump was in Alabama, his supporters booed McCain for his decisive healthcare vote, even though they have the most to lose if Obamacare is repealed. 

This is a man who stayed with his men in a Vietnamese P.O.W. camp to be tortured and beaten in war, yet here are Americans booing him because he did the right thing. 

Even though he was booed and ridiculed, he showed grace and class by staying silent and not falling in the mud with Trump. 

Early in Trump’s presidency when the war on “fake news” started, McCain showed he wasn’t happy about the way Trump was treating the press. On “Meet the Press,” McCain said, “The first thing dictators do is shut down the press.” 

He stood up for free press and realized the harm Trump was doing to the civil liberties we enjoy, even though many in the Republican Party would not do the same.

McCain is not perfect, but he is someone both parties should listen to and take note of as a model of decency and bipartisanship.

Even though Trump has been critical of McCain due to his votes against the healthcare bills and speaking out against him, McCain’s actions should be an example of how politicians should deal with Trump.

His status as a war hero, speaking out against a president of the same party, going against his own party when he knows it’s right and his defense of the press proves he’s not only an honorable politician — he’s a true American 

Like him or not, McCain is looking out for every American citizen. 

Right now, he is doing a better job than most.