Office of Information Technology warns of job posting fraud


The Office of Information Technology has issued a warning about a fraudulent account targeting Central Michigan University students with an offer for a job posting. 

In a statement, OIT Chief Information Security Officer Mark Herron alerted CMU students and faculty of a fraudulent account where someone has been posing as a CMU human resources manager named Blaine Sorenson, setting up a fake job post and communicating with applicants. 

Information of the fraud has been shared with departments throughout CMU so they can inform and prepare students who may receive correspondence from the account.

OIT advises students to be wary of job postings from external sites and should note all job opportunities offered by the university are posted on ""

Associate vice president of Human Resources Lori Hella said in a statement students should also be wary of any account that urges quick action or the exact following of instructions, or job offers requiring the individual to set up a bank account or use their own, as all of these indicators of a fraudulent account.

Students who believe they have been in contact with a fraudulent account are urged to file a complaint with the National Consumers League at, who may forward the complaint to agencies such as the Federal Trade Commission.