Senate unanimously approves bylaws approving executive council positions


Senate Leader Caroline Murray introduces senators at the Student Government Association meeting in the Bovee University Center Auditorium on Oct. 2.

The Student Government Association senate unanimously approved amendments to the SGA bylaws Monday, Oct. 2 in the Bovee University Center Mackinaw Room. 

The amendments split the previous year's marketing team into two separate positions and added a digital content creator and volunteer coordinator.

The marketing team is now the separate positions of press secretary and social media coordinator, held by juniors Joshua Geary and Regina Zebell. 

Press secretary is accountable for media relations and speaking to press, while social media coordinator is responsible for managing and posting relevant content to SGA media pages.

Junior Galen Miller holds the position of volunteer coordinator, while senior Anastasia Klimovitz is digital content creator. 

Volunteer coordinator must develop at least one volunteer effort for SGA per semester, while digital content creator is responsible for aiding committees in creative efforts --creating posters, flyers, among others.

Amendments also included language which differentiates the student body president from the university president. 

In the SGA house of representatives, Student Budget Allocation Committee Director Matthew Boak spoke regarding funding that registered student organizations can receive for events,  said they should they be in "good standing" with SGA. 

According to SGA Membership Director JiJi Lee, to be in good standing with SGA, an RSO representative must have a grade point average of 2.0 or higher, and must have less than four absences from SGA meetings. 

SBAC funding is allocated to RSOs looking to create an event on campus that the organization cannot provide adequate funds for itself. The SBAC committee is available to review an RSOs application in order to determine the event's eligibility for funds.

The SGA General Board meeting began with a moment of silence to honor the lives lost and injured in the Las Vegas massacre, which left over 59 individuals dead and over 527 individuals injured.

Senate Leader Caroline Murray brought the newly-elected senators to the stage, introducing the topic by saying "every senator represents a college on campus, including undeclared and global campus." 

The presentation of senators to representatives was in effort to connect representatives to the college they represent, with Murray emphasizing that everyone in attendance has a major and that some RSOs are based off of inclusion in a major. 

For the weekly executive board update, SGA President Anna Owens said the date for the annual candidates forum will be held Oct. 25., and introduced Diversity Committee's "Culture, Not A Costume" campaign, slated for Oct. 26. 

In addition, Owens mentioned that there is talk regarding the creation of a student body town hall, where the student body would have "another chance to voice their opinion." There is also discussion of the creation of a strategic planning committee, which would help brainstorm how SGA would move forward in following years.