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Students to travel to Galapagos Islands for Model UN conference

The CMU Model UN participants pose for a picture in New York City at the Model UN simulation.

Students interested in politics and the Galapagos are in for a-once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, said David Jesuit, political science and public administration chairperson and Model United Nations adviser. 

Jesuit will lead a new faculty-led study abroad opportunity that allows students to visit the National Model United Nations-Galápagos.

The NMUN-Galápagos simulation allows students to focus on global environmental issues that impact the Galápagos. The program runs Jan. 5-14. 

“This trip is unique compared to previous trips to the UN in New York because at the NMUM-Galápagos you focus on environmental issues,” Jesuit said. “In New York it is hard to cover all the different issues and information.”

Jesuit also leads the United Nations Association of the USA, Central Michigan Chapter. This program at CMU allows students to gather in New York or Chicago with 3,000 other students to participate in a UN conference simulation. 

Students will travel to either United States UN location and serve as delegates during national Model UN conferences. They will also be given the opportunity to participate in formal and informal caucusing, negotiate with other representatives and write resolutions or amendments. 

For NMUN-Galápagos, the topics to be discussed are environmental sustainability and climate change.

In addition to the intense simulations and conference sessions, there will be service learning opportunities. Students may use this as a chance to become more familiar with the environment and culture in Ecuador. 

Homer senior Chris Marvil has already been accepted to participate in this trip. He learned about the study abroad opportunity by chance. 

“I had been trying to figure out one afternoon how I was going to work in three credits of social sciences before I graduate in May,” Marvil said. “Literally 10 minutes later I opened up my email and saw an announcement for the course from the Office of Study Abroad.” 

Marvil emailed Jesuit immediately asking how he could apply, and he was accepted within a few days. Overall, Marvil is excited for the trip. He is a Spanish major and thinks the trip will be beneficial for his future career because he aspires to work as a translator or interpreter. 

Students will have the opportunity to explore the Galápagos Islands both on land and in water. They will also tour Quito, which was one of the first 12 UNESCO World Heritage sites. 

The estimated program fee for CMU students is $2,650, plus an additional cost of tuition and airfare. Students may be eligible for scholarships through the Department of Political Science and Public Administration and the College of Humanities and Social and Behavioral Sciences. 

The experience counts for PSC 398: Model United Nation which is a three-credit class at CMU. 

Interested students should contact Jesuit as soon as possible at