Trap Door Improv members reflect on performing after second show of the semester


Detroit junior Trenton Carson asks Huron County junior Will Johnson a question as they perform during a Trap Door Improv show on Wednesday, Nov. 1.

In the dark room of Moore Hall 102, Trap Door Improv lit up the stage with comedy on Wednesday night.

Trap Door Improv is an improvisational comedy group sponsored by University Theatre that performs every month on campus. The Halloween event on Wednesday consisted of two hour-long shows at 8 p.m. and 10 p.m. and marked the group’s second show of the academic year, following the “Back 2 Skool” event. 

Trap Door’s main focus is to create a space at Central Michigan University for students to let loose and share great laughs with each other. 

Using suggestions from the audience, Trap Door performed through a series of games such as “Press Conference” and “Great Caruso,” in which they instantaneously had to make up content from audience suggestions. 

Junior Brian Ross said the most difficult part of Trap Door Improv is to make up content on the spot from the audience suggestions. One suggestion from a previous show, a McDonald’s McFlurry, had Ross stuck. When creating the content on the spot, he didn’t know how to fully interpret it, yet he received positive laughter from the audience. 

That laughter and engagement from the audience is what makes Trap Door so special, said Trap Door’s co-leader and Harrison Township senior Christine Sawicki. 

“Nothing makes a scene stronger than when the audience is in it with you. It’s nice to have people coming out regularly and connecting with the community through comedy," Sawicki said. 

Midland freshman Emily Kreusch didn’t really know what to expect from her first time attending a Trap Door Improv show, and left the show very impressed by the group. 

“The show was very hilarious and what really made the show great was the audience suggestions that made a very engaging event,” Kreusch said. 

Trap Door will be performing their next upcoming show on Nov. 21 in Moore Hall room 102. Students interested in Trap Door’s upcoming shows can follow the group’s Twitter and Facebook page, @TrapDoorImprov and @CMUTrapDoorImprov.