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Nightlife Hair and Makeup



You’ve got the perfect outfit planned for your night out, but what about hair and makeup? 

Cute hair and stunning makeup are totally necessary for an evening on the town. Plus, it gives you the perfect excuse to take cute selfies for Instagram. Look like a bar star or house party queen with the help of these hair and makeup tips and tricks: 

Beachy Waves

Textured, loose waves are a simple and easy style anyone can rock during a night at the bar or at a house party. No matter how long or short your hair is, taking 1-inch sections of hair and wrapping them around a curling wand will give you gorgeous beach-inspired waves. Don’t worry about time; relaxed waves usually take 10-15 minutes.


To insure your hair stays put throughout the night, use hairspray. Spritz a generous amount of hairspray on the styled parts of your hair to protect your ‘do from falling flat. If you’re interested in giving your hair a little boost, flip your hair upside down and spray your roots with a small amount of hairspray to give your hair some serious body and volume. 

Smokey Eye Makeup

Don’t let dark eye shadow and bold eyeliner scare you; the smokey eye is a fierce makeup trend anyone can rock during a night out. Smokey eye makeup doesn’t need to be overpowering. Subtle shades such as beige, brown, taupe and copper can be used to create a natural-looking eye look that’s sure to catch a cutie’s eye. 


Sparkle and shine under the colorful lights of the club with the help of highlighter. For those new to the highlighting trend, this product’s purpose is to bring definition to prominent parts of your face. To get in on this trend, take your index finger and use it to apply highlighting powder to your cheekbones, bridge of nose, cupid’s bow and chin. A subtle amount of highlight will give you a gorgeous glow.

Bold Lip

Draw attention to your lips with a timeless makeup trend: lipstick. Bold lipstick is a classic makeup statement worn by countless Hollywood starlets over the years, and it’s the perfect trend to rock at the bar or at a house party. A deep red pout is always the first thing that comes to minds when one thinks of a bold lip, but shades such as taupe, chocolate and plum have been making waves in the beauty community.