CMU wins best delegation at Chicago Model United Nations conference


Central Michigan University students won best delegation at the American Model United Nations conference in Chicago for the first time in CMU’s 13 year history of participating in the event.

The conference took place Nov. 17-21. 

To prepare for the AMUN conference in Chicago, CMU students had to participate in PSC 353 Model United Nations or PSC 354 Advanced Model United Nations, taught by a political science faculty member. The two courses are designed to provide students with an understanding of what the United Nations is and foster an understanding of the modalities of international diplomacy. 

At the beginning of this semester, CMU students were assigned two countries to research and represent at a national Model UN conference. This fall, CMU students represented Vietnam and the Vatican/Holy See. The student delegates spent time researching both places they were representing at the simulation and that country's position on issues that are currently on the agenda of the UN. This year, one of the topics covered was chemical warfare.

Nominated by the professor of the course Timothy Hazen, senior Emilee Madison was the head delegate for this year’s AMUN conference. Madison’s job as head delegate was to help students configure their papers and the logistics for the conference. 

“I helped grade papers and come up with assignments that would be beneficial for the students’ success,” Madison said.

The delegates at the AMUN were judged on their attendance, speeches and overall presentation. CMU took best overall delegation and had three students individually recognized. Sophomore Gabe Kruszka won first general assembly delegate. Senior Amani Johnson won third general assembly best delegate. Sophomore Dillon Bomzer won an award within his special committee. The individual awards helped the students receive the overall best delegation award. 

“Unfortunately, due to holiday travel plans, we left the conference before the banquette and didn’t learn that we had won until later in our travels,” Hazen said. 

CMU had 16 students at the conference. Over a thousand students and about 100 different universities participated. 

“With only 16 students representing CMU it is amazing that we won, considering other schools filled up three to four countries,” Madison said.

Only four CMU students participating had attended the conference in the past.

Hazen believes the Model UN courses are a fun, non-traditional way of learning. 

To register for the class, students need to have at least sophomore standing and meet CMU’s academic eligibility standards. Hazen welcomes all students from various majors to take the course.

Students who meet the requirements are welcome to register for the AMUN courses and conference in the spring.