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What to Binge Watch over Holiday Break


Holiday break is often seen as a time to catch up with friends, family and loved ones. It's also a time to relax and let go of the stress of the Fall Semester. 

Relaxation can sometimes become boredom. There is no reason you should spend your Winter Break without being properly entertained. Consider binge watching a show that aligns with your favorite TV genre. Your holiday break doesn’t need to be boring; slip into some comfy clothes, make yourself a cup of cocoa and start binge watching a new show. 

375026 02: The cast of "Sex And The City," Season 2 Clockwise from top left: Cynthia Nixon, Kristin Davis, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall. 1999 Paramount Pictures

Romantic Comedy: If you’re looking for a hilarious and relatable series to watch, consider “Sex and the City.” The television premise centers around four best friends and their relationships while they navigate life in New York City. “Sex and the City” is great to binge watch because it’s so relatable; the longer you watch it, the more you’ll begin to realize that you and your friends fit a particular character on the show. “Sex and the City” can be streamed via Amazon Prime. 

Crime: Those who enjoy crime, action and drama will love “Breaking Bad.” Dubbed a neo-western crime television series, “Breaking Bad” focuses around a terminally-ill high school chemistry teacher who teams up with a former student turned drug dealer to make meth in order to financially support his family after he is gone. The critically-acclaimed series is an AMC fan-favorite; Rotten Tomatoes gave the overall franchise a 95 percent, while the average audience score was 97 percent. “Breaking Bad” can be streamed on Netflix. 

Comedy: We’ve all seen funny television series such as “The Office” and “Parks and Recreation,” but have you watched “That ‘70s Show?” Set in rural Wisconsin in the 1970s, “That ‘70s Show” centers around the lives of six teens and their comedic antics. This series is guaranteed to hook you in and make you laugh as you watch each episode unfold. “That ‘70s Show” can be streamed via Netflix. 

Drama: Based on the classic characters found in Archie Comics, “Riverdale” has everything you could possibly want in a television series; it’s a drama, romance and murder mystery all wrapped up into one series that will keep you wanting more. “Riverdale” has received positive reviews by critics and audiences alike; the series received an 87 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. “Riverdale” can be streamed on Netflix.

Horror Mystery: If you’re looking to watch a series that’ll have you on the edge of your seat, consider watching “Harper’s Island.” This 13-episode limited series centers around a wedding party that has traveled to a remote island in the pacific northwest called Harper’s Island. After wedding guests begin to disappear and are gruesomely murdered, the wedding party bands together to find the killer and put an end to the terror. “Harper’s Island” can be streamed on Amazon Prime.


Reality: “Catfish: The TV Show” provides its viewers with new and unusual stories in every episode - no wonder that’s what hooks audiences in. No two stories are the same on “Catfish: The TV Show” as the two main characters in the series try to help hopeful individuals meet their online loves. Although most of the accounts turn out to be fake, a true identity always emerges. “Catfish: The TV Show” can be streamed online at through your local cable provider.