Students can reserve study rooms more than a week in advance at Charles V. Park Library


A new program at Charles V. Park Library aims to make study rooms less congested and more convenient to use.

The new program, Dibs, allows students to check into study rooms up to eight days in advance. Using their phones or laptops, students can sign up online at

When students sign up, they are sent a confirmation email giving them the time and place of their reservations. 

Associate Dean of Libraries Kathy Irwin came up with the idea for the new system. She used the program before to meet with a friend at a local library. 

Irwin was impressed by the accessibility the Dibs program offered. When she used the program, she saw how it could help students at CMU.

“It was so easy to us. We spent the Fall semester getting it up and learning what the features are,” Irwin said.

She added that she hopes the new program will help students better manage their schedules and alleviate the frustration caused by the old sign up system. 

“It’s one less thing you have to do,” she said.

Another advantage to the new Dibs program is the ability to check room availability before students try to reserve a room. 

Irwin made it clear the Dibs program is stages away from being a fully flushed-out system. 

“It is an experiment right now,” Irwin said. 

The library plans to use the Spring semester to test the program and see how students adopt it.