Attorney General candidate Dana Nessel to visit campus Jan. 31


Prosecuting and defense attorney Dana Nessel will speak to students from 8-9 p.m. Jan. 31 in Anspach Hall 167. 

Nessel is currently a Democratic candidate for Michigan Attorney General, and will speak on her candidacy, issues facing the state and her purpose of serving the people. 

The College Democrats at Central Michigan University invited Nessel to give students an insight on the impact the Michigan Attorney General has on constitutional and civil rights that are meaningful to the nation, said Ethan Petzold, president of the College Democrats. 

“The role of Michigan Attorney General is more important than ever, considering the nation's environment where there’s been a lot of challenges within the federal government,” Petzold said. “It’s important to have a Michigan Attorney General that will stand up for the people of Michigan." 

Nessel will speak on the candidacy, as students will have the opportunity to ask questions and find out when and how to vote for Michigan Attorney General. 

“It’s recommended that students attend this event, as it’s important to know who is running for Michigan Attorney General, and have a chance to ask questions, so when they go to the polls and vote, they’re voting for someone who’s best representing their values,” Petzold said.