Wayside Central owner applauds staff's response after shots fired at establishment

After gunshots were fired from a vehicle straight into the air outside of Wayside Central early Jan. 27 Mount Pleasant police officers responded “immediately,” according to the bar's owner. 

John Hunter said that at around 2:15 a.m. Jan. 27, a vehicle was traveling 10-15 mph onto East Broomfield Street when a couple of gunshots were fired straight into the air from the car. The vehicle then sped away.

The two Lansing native men — ages 20 and 22 — were arrested on different charges, according to the Morning Sun.

The article noted the suspects were not Central Michigan University students.

There were no injuries, Hunter said. He also said he takes issue with calling the incident a "shooting" as some media have reported. 

He was inside Wayside Central during the incident, Hunter said. Wayside Central staff immediately called the Mount Pleasant Police Department. Hunter added that police pulled the car over shortly after near the Burger King restaurant.

Wayside Central closed at 2 a.m. Hunter said there were only a few customers and about 15-20 members of its bouncer staff in the parking lot when the incident occurred.

Video surveillance was turned over to the MPPD, Hunter added. Hunter called it an “isolated incident.” 

“My staff did a great job in handling the situation,” Hunter said.

Central Michigan Life called MPPD Chief Paul Lauria and Public Information Officer Jeff Browne seeking comment for this story.

Some Central Michigan University students wondered on social media why a Central Alert notification was not sent after the incident was reported. According to the Central Michigan University Police Department website, "Upon confirmation of a dangerous situation involving an immediate threat to the health or safety of the university community, students, faculty and staff will typically receive a notification through the Central Alert system."

According to its Twitter page, the Central Michigan University Police Department stated that the suspects were apprehended very quickly and there were no injuries or damage.


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