Panelists discuss meaning of 'success' at Soup and Substance event


Speakers discussed the meaning of "success" and advised students to be open to opportunities at the Soup and Substance event Feb. 1 in the Bovee University Center terrace rooms. 

The event kicked off Black History Month at Central Michigan University. It was sponsored by Multicultural Academic Student Services. Guest speakers included:

  • Rene Shingles, professor, program director and internship coordinator in athletic training
  • Flint graduate student Aaron Martin-Green
  • Mary Henley, MI GEAR UP/4S Pathways to Academic Student Success

The panel discussed the importance of success and how students usually view it. 

Martin-Green said the idea of success as a student can sometimes seem impossible. 

“I used to think success was how much money you had or how soon you graduated," Martin-Green said. 

When Martin-Green wasn’t graduating as soon as planned, he was struggling with anxiety and depression. He said he had to deal with being teased, but he now defines his success as overcoming those obstacles.

Students who face similar challenges — whether it be grades or mental illnesses — don’t always feel like they are going to be able to overcome, but Martin-Green strives to keep that from happening.

Henley, stressed the importance to let students know that success is accessible, affordable and achievable. 

“I define success where it’s all about the student,” Henley said.

Shingles advised students to reach out to programs at CMU and be open to opportunities. She said it's important for students to leave a good impression of themselves and to be proud of who they are.

"Always do whatever you do with positivity,” Shingles said.