6 Last-minute Spring Break Ideas


Believe it or not, spring break is less than a week away. Many students will soon be headed towards warmer weather for trips they’ve had planned for weeks, if not months. If you’re feeling spring broken from lack of plans for the week off, don’t panic! Here are some last minute ideas for things you can do during your well-deserved week off.

Get outta town!

You might not have the money to head somewhere tropical for spring break, but maybe you’re be able to swing a train or bus ticket a little farther south than Michigan for some fun.

Go backpacking 

When’s the last time you spent quality time outside? I’m talking real life neature walks. Head down to Tennessee and go explore the Smoky Mountains, or over to Keene, New York to check out Cascade Mountain. According to Fodors Travel, these are some of the best places to go hiking during the spring months.

“I’m excited to have a break from school and spend time hiking in the Smoky Mountains with friends,” said Garden City junior Rachel Spellman who will be hiking in Tennessee this spring break. If anything, it’d do your Instagram aesthetic some good. 

Visit Canada or a nearby city

If you have a passport or an enhanced license, cruise up to Canada and enjoy a change of scenery while barely stepping foot outside of the country. Take a trip to see Niagara falls, or mosey on in to Toronto to explore the Hockey Hall of Fame. You could even go to a Toronto Maple Leafs game and feel like a real hoser for a few days.

If the great white north is too far away, consider heading to a nearby city like Grand Rapids, Detroit or Chicago for a few days. Take a break from the small-town vibes of Mount Pleasant and live it up in the big city for a day or two. You can spend your day exploring the city and shopping or maybe even sightseeing. In the evening, consider doing a bar crawl in the new city and seeing all of the new brews they have to offer.  

Make a bunch of day trips

Add a little variety to your break by taking multiple day trips to keep yourself occupied. Go to the movies one day, or take a trip to the zoo or an aquarium. Explore a new museum, or spend the afternoon lounging with some coffee in a bookstore. Go to a workout class or try a new restaurant, or even go to an indoor waterpark such as Soaring Eagle or Avalanche Bay. 

All the little things you want to do while at school but can’t seem to find time for, do over break! Only In Your State lists the Henry Ford Museum, Detroit museums, and Frederik Meijer Gardens as some of the best day trips to take in Michigan.

Start working on your summer bod

You might have missed out on spring break, but there’s still time to get in shape for summer. Take advantage of the time off from school to find some workouts and healthy recipes on Pinterest  or Youtube and start putting them into practice. Once you start to make these changes a habit in your daily life over break, you’ll carry them over into your schedule once school starts back up. Who’s going to be beach body ready when summer rolls around? You!

Get ahead on homework

It might be a break, but that doesn't mean you can’t get jump start on on some work. Take advantage of your days off to get ahead on homework. This will save you time (and probably more than a few sleepless nights of studying) once the second half of the semester hits. It’s never too early to start thinking about the multitude of finals, essays and group projects that you know you have coming up in May. 

Don’t have much homework to get ahead on? Lucky you! However, you can still start working on revamping your resume or LinkedIn. You’ll be looking for a job or internship before you know it, and polishing up your professional materials is the first step. You won’t need to sweat it next time you have an application because your resume will already be in tip-top shape.  

Enjoy doing nothing

Hey, it might seem a little boring when everyone you know has adventurous plans, but a week with nothing to do is not to be looked down upon. Catch up on all the sleep you haven’t gotten this semester, and get up to speed with all the TV series’ you’ve fallen behind on. This is a highly underrated way to spend spring break, because a solid week of just relaxing might be exactly what you need to push through the rest of the semester. Kick back, relax and enjoy the quiet while it lasts! 

Whether you’re headed to Florida this spring break or stuck in Mount Pleasant, make the most of your time off. Find time to relax and rejuvenate yourself so you’re ready to take on the second half of the semester. 

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