Speaker to teach students how to 'turn disabilities to abilities' Feb. 6


Motivational speaker Bill Deering will discuss how he overcame challenges rooted in his severe stuttering problem and growing up overweight at a Program Board event at 7 p.m. Feb. 6 in the Bovee University Center Rotunda.

According to Program Board, Deering hopes to encourage students’ to acknowledge their own potential and to pursue “living a life they love.”

Lecture director and Mount Pleasant senior Elizabeth Hernandez said she was introduced via email to Deering and his mission in December. 

“He said he would love to come to (Central Michigan University) and share his story with our student body, and hopefully help give a new outlook to students on living with disabilities,” she said.

Hernandez said her biggest goal as the lecture director was to make students aware of issues that impact large populations of people.

The speaker event will be accompanied by the David Garcia Project (DGP) to continue the conversation on experiencing college with a disability. 

The DPG is a learning and advocacy program facilitated through the Mary Ellen Brandell Volunteer Center. It aims to perform simulations to help students and community members better understand people who suffer from disabilities like deafness and hearing loss, arthritis, learning disabilities and more. 

​“I’ve notice that at Central we don’t really get a lot of speakers who actually have disabilities of their own and are so open about them,” Hernandez said. “(Deering) really capitalizes how although he has this major obstacle, he still works hard to get what he wants.”


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