Country Place Apartments evacuated after domestic violence incident leads to fire, suspect in custody


Country Place Apartments. 

An incident of domestic violence on the night of Feb. 2 ended with the Country Place Apartment complex being evacuated after the suspect started lighting his curtains on fire. 

Mount Pleasant Police Department officers were dispatched to the Country Place Apartment building located on South Crawford Road at 7:17 p.m. Feb. 2 after reports of a domestic violence situation, Officer Jeff Browne of the MPPD said.

The suspect was a 38 year-old Mount Pleasant man and the victim was a 42 year-old female. The two subjects were husband and wife, Browne said. 

An argument began after the man accused his wife of "bugging" their apartment, which eventually turned violent. The woman left the apartment with her sister and called the police.

Officers arrived to take a statement from the victim, and then from the suspect, whom officers could still here inside the apartment. When the suspect answered the door, he threatened officers with a kitchen knife that was 8-10 inches long.

Since he was a barricaded suspect, emergency services were contacted. Officers also contacted the prosecutor's office to receive an arrest warrant for domestic violence. 

The suspect then tried to set fire to his apartment by igniting the curtains, Browne said. Officers evacuated individuals from the apartment building. 

Officers attempted to "talk the suspect out," which was ineffective, Browne said. The suspect was then subdued when officers deployed pepper spray into the apartment. 

The suspect was subdued without further incident, Browne said. No injuries were reported to either the suspect or the victim.

The suspect was lodged in the Isabella County Jail on a charge of domestic violence, while other charges are being considered, Browne said.

Arraignment will take place on Feb. 5.