Make Waves For Flint to showcase local hip-hop artists Feb. 23


Hip-hop music and philanthropy will combine to raise money for Flint-area high schools at 7 p.m. Feb. 23 in Pearce Hall room 127.

The event is hosted by the Justus League, a Registered Student Organization that promotes hip-hop education and local artists. The group puts on events around campus to allow artists to perform and promote their music.

The event will feature several hip-hop performers and poets and will be free to attend, although donations are welcome. 

Justus League will partner with Pathways to Academic Student Success, an on-campus department designed to aid first-generation students and Pell Grant recipients, to receive donations that will go to Flint-area high schools.

“We use Pathways as our direct communication to the high school area that we donate the money to,” said Detroit senior Ahsha Davis, Justus League president. “They use it for whatever they need it for, whether that be school supplies, backpacks — whatever they need.”

This will be the third year Justus League has hosted the event, though this year is the first time it takes place during Black History Month — the event usually takes place in March.

“We’re really excited to get back and do it again just because it’s definitely something that helps give back to our community,” Davis said. “This year we thought it’d be better to put it in Black History Month because it’s a part of that history.”