Five Places in or Near Mount Pleasant Every Chippewa Should Visit: Townie Edition


Back in November, I wrote a blog about hidden places in or near town that every Chippewa should visit. With this post came an outpour of recommendations from Mount Pleasant townies old and new. I had my people talk to their people, which resulted in this elite list of Mount Pleasant's most hidden treasures according to townies. 


Looking for a unique atmosphere and dish? Check Freddie’s on Adams’ Street. “Freddie’s was our go-to hang out. It was just out of downtown, across the river, but not too far from campus or our apartment. The atmosphere was laid back and relaxed with several dart board machines and pool tables for casual entertainment. Most of the crowd were locals and/or older students. Last, but not least, they had killer broasted chicken and wedge potatoes. This is rare to find anywhere in the country, and when you do, it's not quite the same. It was just better or the atmosphere made it better as a whole experience,” said Matt Stanard, 46, who has since moved, but still remembers Freddie’s fondly.

Pleasant City Coffee

While Kaya is great for pursuing creative outlets and The Dreamer is a go to for impromptu coffeeshop photoshoots, townie Linda S. Weiss let me in on a coffee shop perfect for anything you may be seeking. Weiss said, “As an attorney, professional editor, and graduate student, I spend a great deal of time at Pleasant City Coffee either working, studying or meeting with clients. The atmosphere is perfect for all those purposes and just for relaxing and enjoying a coffee drink. The owners, Joshua and Rachael Agardy, have created a local business that not only serves the best coffee in town but also has become a vital part of the Mount Pleasant downtown area. It is welcoming to students and locals alike, and exemplifies outstanding customer service and product. My favorite beverages are the French Guiana mocha, banana nut latté (think banana bread in a drink!), and the excellent brewed coffee from Uncommon Roasters. If I had to pick just one place in Mount Pleasant to recommend to either newcomers or established residents, Pleasant City Coffee would be my choice!”

Smith & Sons

Stray away from shopping at chains and check out this custom butcher shop. CMU broadcasting and cinematic arts professor Will Anderson, 51, said, “Smith & Sons is my favorite business in town. Their product is fantastic. I have never had better bacon and burger. In addition to great meat, and great prices they treat everyone really nicely, so you leave there feeling better about yourself and humanity than when you came in.” Smith & Sons is located on East Broadway Street.

Roz’s Diner

Some may consider Stan’s Restaurant and The Diner to be Mount Pleasant favorites, but they have a tendency to get extremely crowded. Take a short drive out to Rosebush and try something new at Roz’s Diner. According to townie Jake Daniel, 29, “Roz's has a very homey and intimate feel to it. I love how they converted the old bank building and still left some elements of it in tact (i.e. vault is now the dish washing area, teller windows are the kitchen and you can watch your food being made). They use locally sourced meat which is hard to come by at most diners nowadays. The "eggs Timothy" is my favorite dish there. It's a twist on the traditional eggs Benedict using corn beef hash instead of ham.”

Green Tree Co-Op

Another local supermarket that offers great buys is Green Tree Co-Op. Former employee and townie Tyler Goudreau, 23, thinks it is different from chain stores and said, “The co-op is smaller so there's a more personal feeling and the staff is always willing to help a customer one-on-one with finding the product they need! It's also downtown so it has a local aesthetic. It's super convenient and has what I need. Even when they don’t, you can just place a special order and they look for the product you need and order it for you. The prices aren't actually that bad if you know what you're looking for, and it's always cheaper to buy in bulk - always.” According to the Co-Op, they are committed to providing healthy and sustainable alternatives to conventionally made products and foods. Green Tree Co-Op definitely sounds like it's worth giving a try! 

So next time you’re looking for somewhere to shop or eat Mount Pleasant, try something new and check out one of these places from the people who know best: the townies.