Broadcaster Adam, baseball coach Steve Jaksa create memories at Theunissen Stadium

Adam:Steve Jaksa
Central Michigan baseball coach Steve Jaksa and broadcaster Adam Jaksa take a picture together on Feb. 27 at Theunissen Stadium.

In 2010, Adam Jaksa stepped on the campus of Trine University in Indiana to play Division III soccer, but quickly realized he had a different dream – broadcasting. 

When finding his next step, Adam looked to Central Michigan University broadcasting legends like Dick Enberg, Mickey York and Matt Shepherd for help in making his decision to be a Chippewa. He also talked to his uncle and CMU baseball coach, Steve Jaksa.

Following his time in school at CMU from 2011-2014, Adam went to Evanston, Wyoming to call high school sports on the radio. Then, the Chippewas called him back. 

“A couple months into the job, I got a call from CMU," Adam said. "They were starting ESPN3 and wanted me to come back for a video and on-air spot. That’s where I’ve been since.”

Evan Petzold
Adam Jaksa broadcasts the Central Michigan men's basketball game against Ball State on Feb. 27 at McGuirk Arena.

When broadcasting for ESPN3, Adam realizes the main source of viewers come from away teams, so he attempts to stay neutral. 

But, as a CMU broadcaster for baseball, he can be a little biased.

“My wife says he does a great job,” Steve said. “That’s the most important thing because he helps her know what’s going on, which means he does a good job. He takes a great deal of pride in being good at what he does.”

Steve said broadcasting work ethic commonly goes unrecognized, but in his nephew, he sees it every game day. 

“Even though the players are getting ready, announcers have to get ready in the same way,” Steve said. “He makes sure he knows it and he just has a love for the game.”

On a game day for Adam, the work usually starts a few days prior. 

“My day is all prep,” Adam said. “It starts a couple days before and as soon as that game is done, I am on to the next one.”

In his 17th season as the head coach of CMU baseball, Steve would not be able to see Adam much at all if the latter had not made the move to Mount Pleasant. 

“He’s a busy guy, so it’s tough to see him if you aren’t in Mount Pleasant,” Adam said. “Being a Division I coach, it’s a year-round job with recruiting, camps and all kinds of stuff."

Steve’s favorite part of having his nephew so close is watching him develop as a man and as a broadcaster.

“It’s a constant to watch him grow up, especially watching him grow professionally since we are at the same university,” Steve said. “It’s great to see him shape his own career a little bit. I know he likes where he is and is passionate about it.” 

Broadcasting baseball games for his uncle is a memory Adam will never forget. 

“To be able to games for my uncle is cool and I cheer a little harder every game,” Adam said.